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University of J. E. Purkyně - Institute of Humanities

Doctoral Studies

Study program/Field of study:

Historical Sciences/Czech History

Form of study: combined and full-time

Entrance examination:

  • The entrance examination contains professional discussion (in the case of other nationality in English or German language), which enables on the base of own applicant’s creative work exemplification to evaluate his presumptions for autonomous scientific, observational and other creative activity in the branch and his abilities to communicate at least in one foreign language.
  • Applicant gives the reasons for his dissertation thesis project within the frame of the discussion (applicant attaches the dissertation thesis project in written form (size    1-5pages) to application form, the deadline for applications for doctoral studies is a part of Entry requirements for actual academic year.
  • Reception committee also verifies the language competency of the applicant, especially the knowledge of German and other foreign language.

  • Rector nominates the reception committee on the proposal from appropriate subject board.

The educational process:
  • The standard period of doctoral studies is three years, and the maximum is seven years.

  • The process of studies is structured according to individual study plan, which is suggested by tutor and approved by appropriate subject board after discussing with student. Individual study plan determines the content of educational periods (lectures, courses, seminaries), relevant attestations and aim of his scientific activity.Rector of UJEP nominates the tutor on the proposal from appropriate subject board.

  • Doctoral study program is concluded with completing the dissertation thesis followed with its defense. Dissertation thesis is required to include original solution of solved problem. It is supposed to be (or even its part) published in professional scientific magazine or presented as a separate report on scientific conference.